Visual and Audio Cookbooks

Looking for last minute gift ideas? Cooking is a fun and practical activity for everyone and an opportunity to not only increase independence, but also to put basic academic skills to use in a functional way. Determining what is needed, obtaining the ingredients and following directions to put it together are all important steps.

It not only allows individuals to be more independent, it also gives them an opportunity to put other skills like shopping and basic math to practical use. Using these skills in a real life situation, like cooking, can build self-confidence and self-reliance. And it’s fun! There will be spills and general messiness but the end result is worth it (and tasty too!).  

The following are some wonderful visual and audio cookbooks and links to on-line recipes to help you get you started.

Attainment Company: Look n Cook and Look n Microwave

Visual Recipes: A Cookbook for Non-Readers By Tabitha Orth

Yes, Chef – Hands Free Recipe Assistant by Conversant Labs. (auditory app for apple device) Yes Chef is a hands free auditory  cooking app that talks you through recipes, and answers your questions. Use your voice to work through recipes and keep your hands free to make great food!      

Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs. These are on-line recipes.

Visual Recipes: A community of cooking enthusiasts who share recipes with step by step pictures

This Pinterest site has lots of great picture recipes as well as charts, hints, and posters!



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