Apps for Education

Compiled by Carolann Cormier, MS, CCC-SLP, ATP


This handout is meant to be a resource. It is not meant to be exhaustive and is not a suggestion on what apps to buy or download. It is always helpful to review the ratings on apps before purchasing. For review of apps, click on the review button when you are on the app download page in iTunes. If a lite version is available, generally they are free or cheaper, so they can be a way for you to try an app.

For childrens apps click on the Apps for Kids category in iTunes sidebar. For books, click on the Books category. Use the search parameters built into iTunes for apps by clicking on the apps button when your search results come up.

iTunes now has a Special Education Section as one of the searchable categories in the iTunes sidebar. Included in this category is: communication; hearing; language development; literacy & learning and organization.

To take screen shots of your various displays on your devices, press the “home” and “sleep” keys at the same time. The screen shot will be saved in your photos and can be emailed or used in presentations.

To restrict access to WIFI on the iPad, go to Settings>General>Restrictions and then Enable Restrictions.  You then set a passcode. You now have the option of not allowing access to Safari, YouTube, iTunes, and Installing Apps. If you choose to restrict these apps, they will not even appear on the device. You can also set Content ratings for Music, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, etc.

To restrict deleting apps on the iPad (with OS 4.2 onward), go to settings to restrictions and turn this restriction on. You will need to set a password to enable restrictions. This will only allow apps to be deleted if the password is entered. This is where you can also deny access to YouTube, Safari and iTunes.

To create folders drag one application on top of another and name the folder. On the iPad you can have up to 12 apps in a folder, allowing many more apps to be loaded onto the device. You can also use folders on the iPhone and iTouch. It can also be done on the computer while you are syncing your device, by going to the list of your apps and dragging apps on top of each other. You will see thumbnails of each app in the folders. A great way to organize your apps.


It was reported that approximately 30% of the apps on iTunes are free. In iTunes you can do a Power Search to search only for free apps. If you put “Power Search” in the Search Store section in the upper right hand corner of iTunes the Power Search menu pops up. Click on Search only for free applications. You can set this for the category type, as well as apps just for the iPad.

The website Free App Alert ( provides information on free apps. This website is updated on an on-going basis, as apps may only be free for a period of time.

Apple has Education Account Executives that can assist educational systems or educators in purchases or understanding the Education Volume Purchase Program. The representative for Connecticut is Ann Couser Kittredge,  , K12 Education Account Executive, Apple Inc.  , Chester, CT 06412, ☎ 860-501-2976, Fax:  866-758-7704. She reported that there is a discount on volume iPad purchases.

How Many Devices can an App Legally be loaded on:

(Information provided by David Niemeijer, on the QIAT listserve on 11/2/10)

The App Store license (see

applies equally to the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and to the regular iTunes

purchases. See David’s post on iTunes, iPod, iPhones and IPad FAQ’s at

It specifically states:


(i) You may download and sync a Product for personal, noncommercial use on any device You own or control.

(ii) If You are a commercial enterprise or educational institution, You may download and sync a Product for use by either (a) a single individual on one or more devices You own or control or (b) multiple individuals, on a single shared device You own or control. For example, a single employee may use the Product on both the employee’s iPhone and iPad, or multiple students may serially use the Product on a single iPad located at a resource center or library.  In other words, if personal use applies you can use an app on any number of devices you own or control. If the device and software is owned by and educational institution it is either one license per device used by multiple students, or one license per student using multiple devices. This applies to both licenses purchased through VPP (Volume Purchase Program) and normal iTunes purchases.

Benefits of VPP:

– Apple honors tax status of your organization

– Apple accepts purchase orders for VPP vouchers

– There is a 50% discount if 20 or more licenses are purchased at once for a particular app that is in the VPP (my guess is most educational apps are).  Licenses purchased with VPP can be deployed by syncing a single iTunes account to many devices or through one account per device. In the first case (one account for many devices) you still need to purchase as many licenses as you have devices or users, but you only redeem one license and store the remaining ones in a cool dry place so that you are in compliance with the terms (you bought as many licenses as you have devices or users).

Redeeming Volume Vouchers to purchase apps:

Create a new Apple ID for the App Store Volume Purchase Program. These are separate accounts from personal iTunes accounts and won’t be able to access the App Store to download applications, music or any other content. Search for and purchase apps in variable quantities, up to the dollar limit of the voucher amount. The institution’s tax status will be recognized and billed accordingly. The Program Facilitator will receive an email with a link to a dashboard, now populated with app-specific codes. These codes can be distributed to users for redemption at the App Store.


123 Sticker HD ($3.99) iPad, Animated sticker book in English, French,   Spanish and German, build and create sticker books with sound effects,   background music, 25 songs and voice over for colors’ names.
ArtStudio ($3.99) ArtStudio is a professional drawing/ painting   application that also provides photo editing.
ClickySticky ($1.99) iPad only, animated sticker book that allows a   variety of stickers to be placed and modified on various themed backgrounds.
Color & Draw Includes various types of paper and background images. You   can import pictures for your background
Curious George With virtual stickers and 45 colors, paint 56 unique pages   of Curious George and friends.
Doodle Buddy Finger paint with colors and tap the screen to include   stamps on pictures or provided backgrounds.
Doodle Kids Using a finger, draw random shapes in random colors and   sizes, then shake to clear the screen
Draw for iPad (Free) Cooperative Drawing Game
Drawing Den A series of pages to color in.
Drawing Pad Includes different brushes, stamps, crayons, colored   pencils and different color paper for the backgrouns.
iCreate An art program that allows you to add stamp images or your   creations onto included backgrounds. Some verbal feedback provided.
iColoring Book With many pen colors paint included images, or use   downloaded images from the Internet.
iDoodle2Lite (Free) A powerful and fun drawing app that allows you to draw in an   array of colors with full alpha support, sketch basic geometric shapes along   with the pen and “blob” tool, replay your drawings, undo/redo with a quick   half-flip, save images to your library, and much more.
Itsy Bitsy Spider A musical color image with 70 elements to paint. You can   save your image to your photos.
Learn to Draw Follow directions with basic shapes to make drawings
Splatter HD (Free) allows you to pick colors and make spatter pictures   that you can save in your picture album.
SculptMaster 3D Using your fingers, create digital sculptures by painting   clay like material.
Spawn (a lite version available) Touch and drag on different areas of the screen to get   animated feedback of where your finger is moving.

Assessment Tools

Decibel ($0.99) Allows you to know how loud a sound or environment   is. Could use for biofeedback for someone to self-monitor or work on   increasing or decreasing volume levels.
Eye Chart Premium ($3.99) iPad only. Allows you to randomize the Snellen and   2 other eye charts to use as a screening tool to test vision.
Test Your Hearing ($0.99) This fun application tests how good your hearing   is and then it determines your approximate hearing age. If it’s a lot more   than your actual age, you may have hearing loss.
TiltMeter (1.99) A professional grade angel measurement tool. It is   commonly used for picture alignment, measuring angles of elevation, slope, or   incline, showing the inclination of an aircraft or ship relative to   horizontal, measuring the “look angle” of a satellite antenna towards a   satellite, measuring the slope angle of a tape or chain during distance   measurement, indicating roll of vehicles, sail boats, and aircraft, and much   more. Can be used during assessments to determine what angles work best with   various pieces of equipment.
uHear (Free) A hearing loss screening test which allows you to   test your hearing to determine if it is within normal range, or if you have   potential hearing loss.

Assistive Technology & Accessibility

There are accessibility features on the 16 and 32 GB model iTouches only and on the 3rd and 4th Gen. iPod Touchs, iPhone 3GS and iPads. These features include voice over, voice control, high contrast mode, mono audio and up to 5x zoom. For more information go to: and click on the specific tool you would like information on for the accessibility features.


Voice Controls – After holding down the home button, speak voice controls to your iPhone 3GS onward, to make calls and play music.


For people with visual impairments, you can purchase the clear table clothe plastic material and cut out shapes or dots to place on specific areas of the screen (the material will cling to the screen) so the person to feel where to touch to get feedback. Great with the different musical instruments apps.

A Special Phone 3 Steps (shake, verify, dial) to make a call without   looking and use 6 friends images for speed dialing.
AirMouse Install on iPhone/iTouch and computer and allows you to   use the app to control the computer
Amplif’d ($0.99) A powerful volume control to amplify everything   better at home, work, class, sporting events, theaters, concerts, and   watching television all through your 3 & 4G ear buds with the built in   microphone.
Apple Accessibility for the iPad
Apple Accessibility for the iPhone 4
Apple Accessibility for the iTouch
Big Names Large, high contrast text makes it easier to select and   call a person from your contact list.
Blabberize Create talking pictures
Eye Glasses ($2.99) An   iPhone only application for individuals with visual impairments. You use the   iPhone camera to clearly display text or an image. The application offers 2x,   4x, 6x, and 8x magnification.
iHear Dialer Move your finger across the keypad to hear phone number   digits, then select the digit by releasing.
soundAMP R ($4.99) Amplifies soft and medium sounds and softens loud   sounds.
Touch LCD Designer Speaking Clock ($1.99) When clock is touched it speaks the time.
vozMe Type in text and it creates an mp3 file of your text
Web Reader ($1.99 to 4.99) Web Reader is a text to speech page   reader. You can configure web pages to be read as soon as they are loaded,   read pages manually after they are loaded, point to where you want to start   reading, or use Cut, Copy, and Paste to read only sections of text.  You must be at least 17 years old to download   this application.

Books – Children

ABC Dinos A dinosaur name is read and shown on each alphabetical   page
Brave Monkey Cute story that is automatically read to you. Does not   highlight
Binky A story about an elephant
Buddy #1 Story about Buddy the Bus and where he takes people. You   can add your voice. It reads in English, French, Japanese, Chinese, German   and Spanish.
Bugs Real photographs of bugs with the text that is read by   touching Mother Goose.
Cat in the Hat An interactive book that can be read to you or you can   read where each word is highlighted and the text label of items on the page   is displayed and read when touched.
Children’s Classics Auto scrolling books from various authors, arranged   alphabetically. Text only with some illustrations.
Curious George’s Puppies The book allows you to record your own voice and is read   to you page by page. It allows a large text feature
Curious George B-day An interactive book where you discover George’s birthday   surprise as you listen to the book or record your voice
Dr. Seuss’s ABC’s An interactive book that can be read to you or you can   read where each word is highlighted and the text label of items on the page   is displayed and read when touched.
Emperor’s New Clothes Can auto scroll, the text is not read aloud.
Fairy Tales Books from Hans Christian Anderson that auto scroll at the   rate you desire. Text only.
Goldilocks Each word is highlighted as it is read to you
Grinch Who Stole Christmas An interactive book that can be read to you or you can   read where each word is highlighted and the text label of items on the page   is displayed and read when touched.
HanselGretel Each page is read to you when you touch the page
How to Train Your Dragon From ForgDog Media, each word changes color as it is read   aloud.
ICDL Books for Children Thousands of children’s books (e.g. Three Little Pigs)   from 60 countries in various languages with illustrations.
iLook High Contrast, white on black picture book with 5   categories (e.g. animals, food) for young children.
iMotherGoose – Bugs Talking picture book with full color pictures that speak   the insect name when touched
iMotherGoose – Emperor’s New Clothes The classic has been altered and contains narrations and   original artwork.
iMotherGoose – Hansel and Gretel The classic has been altered and contains narrations and   original artwork.
iStoryTime Kids Books The books are illustrated, include text, and are narrated   with pages that turn automatically or manually.
Jack and the Beanstalk ($3.99) An interactive book and game. The goal of the game   is to see how much Jack can climb up the endless beanstalk. The game changes   every time you play it.
Little Lala Can read or have it read to you page by page
Little Red Riding Hood Talking, interactive book with story narration paired with   text and animated objects.
Miss Spider’s Tea Party (also in French and Spanish) ($9.99) iPad, animated and interactive story with the   books actual graphics, that reads to you
The Lorax An interactive Dr. Seuss book that can be read to you or   you can read where each word is highlighted and the text label of items on   the page is displayed and read when touched. Background sound effects
My Friend Isabelle Two friends with differences in a narrated story paired   with highlighted text.
The Penguins of Madagascar Includes a maze, spot the difference, daleidoscope, create   a scene, coloring board, jokes and 2 stories, that contain some videos (words   are highlighted as read to you).
Peter Rabbit The test is read to you, each page has a hidden shape and   the pages color in as they are turned
The Reading Bug – from iStory Times a library of narrated   children’s books Designed for children 2 and up. Can pick different voices   and other preferences. This story is about a chameleon out to catch the   reading bug.
Sesame Street Playground Allows you to change some settings and record your own   voice for this story about a lost puppy.
Shrek 4 (free) Highlights as the text is read, some animation and   sound effects.
Spring The simple story is read to you with sound effects.
StoryBook (a lite version is available) A collection of stories that allows you to customize the   books by genre, names, gender, ages and species. Each reading can be slightly   different, introducing you to new words.
StoryKit Easy program to create your own stories by adding in   photos, text and speech. Could use for social stories and schedules.
Three Little Pigs Interactive book with story narration paired with text.   The characters can be touched to make sounds.
Toy Story (free) Animated book that highlights the words as they are   read.
Toy Story 2 Read Along ($8.99) Animated book that highlights the words as they   are read, contains a variety of games, videos, sing-along tunes and coloring   pages. You can record your own narration.
Treat Street Simple Halloween animations containing a costume shop, Treat Street   where you can interact with items on the street to get audio feedback and   treats and a goodie bag. No speech or text.
Trucks Simple story book that names and shows the text of the   trucks as they are touched.
Zoo You Later Monkey Business ($4.99) iPad only, interactive book that highlights words   and allows you to add your own voice. You can hear each word read or spelled.   Includes a coloring book.


Books – Adults and Young Adults

3D Bookshelf Includes a variety of classics
Audiobooks Download hundreds of classic books arranged alphabetically   by author.
Barnes & Nobel eReader Allows you to download books from Barnes & Noble
BookList Allows you to create a book list by title, author, genre   and recent and do searches.
BookShelf ($4.99) App allows you to download ebooks from various   resources and formats. Can import books from your computer.
Borders eBooks Allows you to download books from Borders
Classics Contains the complete text with some illustrations of 22   classic books. You can bookmark where you are in your reading.
Cliff Notes Available for a variety of the classic books and offers   information on the plot, characters and summaries.
EngLit Summaries and reading assistance for many books in English   Literature (like Cliff Notes). Each one is a separate app.
eReader (Free) Download and read New York Times best selling   electronic books, with over 100,000 ebooks available. It allows you to upload   your own personal content or eBooks from many other web sites.
eTextbooks (Free) When connected to the Internet access your   eTextbooks to read them and to view, add or edit your notes.
Free Books ($1.99, free on iPad) Thousands of books in different   genres, all to download for free
Good Reader ($0.99) A PDF viewer, there is an iPad version that   support USB file transfer that lets you transfer files from your computer   over a USB cord. The reflow features automatically fits all your text to a   screen so you don’t have to scroll left or right.
Great Books The text of over 200 books, that are arranged   alphabetically by authors. It uses autoscrolling.
iBooks (free) Download and read books that show the pictures in   the actual books, turn the pages back and forth by touching the edges of the   pages. Get free books by searching for free books in the store.
Jules Verne The works of Jules Verne
Kaeroboy Book 1 ($.99) iPad, the tale of a kid with dyslexia who discovers   he can read the secret language of superheroes, turning him into one.
Kindle for iPhone (Free) Download and read Kindle books, highlight and take   notes, select alternate text and background colors. Not all books work with   voice over).
Mystery Includes a collection of classic mysteries.
PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro for iPad

($0.99 to 3.99) PDF Reader allows you to upload PDF files   through WiFi. It also includes a document scanner feature. The iPad version   allows you to transfer files to your iPad from your computer or directly from   a website. Some of the features PDF Reader Pro Edition for iPad includes are   USB file sharing, downloading email attachments, landscape mode with auto   rotation, search capabilities, bookmark, password protection, emailing PDF   files, WiFi web sharing, document manager, scan option and full web browser.
Schmooz Auditory or visual summaries and notes on hundreds of   books. Each one is a separate app. (Like Cliff Notes)
Science Books ($3.99) A large collection of complete books in the   science domain.
Shakespeare in Bits

(Lite versions contain only 2 acts)

(Free to $14.99) An animated study edition of Romeo and   Juliet featuring Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen. It features the complete   original text combines with dynamic text features to increase comprehension.   Modern translations for difficult words and phrases can be obtained by   touching the words. Study notes, plot summaries and analysis are included.
Sherlock (iPad) Vook (Videos and links included in the book to make it a   video book).
Stanza Download from over 50,000 free books and read them with   tabbed navigation, copy support and note sharing.
VOD – Voice of Daisy ($25.99) Daisy format reader
Vook Books (Prices vary from $1.99 to 6.99)) Various books that have   embedded videos and links to wikipedia for the text that is in blue and   underlined.
Wattpad 100,000+ books (free) an ebook community where everything is free to   download.



ABA FlashCards – Actions 52 images to learn actions via text, photo and real audio
Aphasia You scroll through basic comments for conversations,   telephone, emergency, meals, restaurants, health and pain scale.
ArtikPix ($49.99, though recently on sale for $30.00) A free lite   version is available. Allows you use 14 cards in 40 decks of randomized flash   cards for practicing specific sounds with data collection. Has audio and   recording features.
AutoVerbal Talking Soundboard Pro ($9.99) Includes some basic pictures and words that speak   as you touch them. Can also type in text and have it spoken.
DAF Assistant Delayed auditory feedback and frequency shifting to help   decrease stuttering
Expressionist Contains over 100 commonly used expressions divided into 7   categories (a Youtube video at
Expressive On sale at $34.99) Transient screen app that allows you   your own pictures from Smarty Ears.
Grace – Picture Exchange for Nonverbal People It can be customized by adding your own photos. The users   selects up to 8 cards in a sentence and rotates the device to present them to   the listerner who reads the cards.
Going Places – Social Stories Contains 6 video and audio social stories about going to   different places
Halo Talk by AdstraSoft this forced choice/prompting   app is designed as pairs of opposites, to use, to offer choices from a field   of two photos or to prompt by using a field of two photos. This uses the   cartoon drawing of a person as well as photos.
iCommunicate ($49.99) Pre-loaded pictures and storyboards/routines to   facilitate language comprehension. You can record your own speech and   customize the setups.
iConverse AAC tool to express 6 different icons representing basic   needs: food drink, sick, bathroom, help and break
iInteract ($8.99) A portable basic communication board that provides   visual pictures paired with audio feedback in a girls or boys voice. Touch   the icon once and it talks, touch it again and it brings you back to the main   screen. Good for those with limited dexterity.
iMean ($4.99) This application turns the device into a   letterboard with large easy- to- read keys and word suggestions with word   completion word prediction.
iPrompts Visual prompting tool containing original artwork for   schedules, a timer, a 2 choice prompts and a library of pictures
iSpeak Spanish Uses high quality text to speech to translate English to   Spanish and Spanish to English
iSpeech List of sounds for developmental ages 3 to 7+ with   explanations for forming and teaching the sounds
iTranslate Plus Translate words and whole sentences in 52 languages and   use text to speech with 43 voices in 16 languages
Jolly Holiday Learn prepositions while decorating the tree, then learn   the signs to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. – 24 titles ($.99 each) Most of the apps present 1 picture with the   text paired with speech, but some also work on receptive language by   identifying by name, what goes together, rhymes and function.
Larry the Talking Parrot Larry repeats your words back.
Learn to Talk Over 160 interactive flashcards to learn nouns, verbs,   early syntax and word combinations.
Locabulary Lite Audio output for expressing phrases (hello), moods (I am   happy), assistance (Call the doctor) & restaurants. Comments on iTunes   said there are problems with it crashing and causing problems with   Prologuo2Go.
Look2Learn – AAC ($24.99) AAC system with photos and preloaded voices to   express wants and needs.
Mobile Articulation Probes Over 600 words organized by sound, to practice   articulation in flashcards with user and data features
My Choices Board ($9.99)
MyTalk AAC software with photos and voice recording feature that   can be used with a web authoring service, includes text to   speech and ‘in cell’ video
Proloquo2Go ($189) Full AAC dynamic display solution with over 7000   symbols, natural sounding voices, automatic tensing and more.
Question Builder ($3.99) Designed to help elementary age children learn to   answer abstract questions and create responses based on inference. Include   audio clips to improve auditory processing for special needs children   (prompts can be turned off).
Small Talk Aphasia By Lingraphica, geared towards individuals with aphasia,   has icons and text for simple communication messages (free)
Small Talk Dysphagia By Lingraphica, present icons and text for basic   communication, including adaptive equipment needed for eating.
Small Talk Oral Motor Exercies By Lingraphica, presents videos and pictures for oral   motor exercies
SmartyEars (Prices vary) Over 19 apps available, all created by   speech/language pathologist, includes fluency, wh questions, articulation,   turn taking and others skills. Expressive ($34.99) is an AAC app.
Sounding Board ($49.99) by AbleNett, vocal output that includes most   frequently used 100 to 120 words used in communication devices and grids to   make overlays with various amounts of pictures. You can add your own photos.
Speak It Text to speech
Step Stones By AdastraSoft, visual schedules for 9 sequential   activities that can be checked for completion and more activities can be   added.
StoryKit Allows you to easily create your own books, schedules,   sequences or social stories by importing pictures and adding speech
Talking Carl An animated figure repeats whatever it hears using a   modified voice and some other sound effect.
Talking Harry the Hedgehog (free) Harry repeats whatever you say.
Talking Tom Cat (free) Similar to Talking Carl, an animated cat repeats   what you say. The voice is not as modified as Talking Tom.
TapSpeak Button ($9.99 for iPad) Allows you to record messages that the person plays back   by touching red buttons on the display (like a Big Mack). They will be   expanding their line to included sequential playback of messages.
TapSpeak Picture Take pictures of common objects for visual   indicator, message categories, sync from iPhone to iPod Touch to use Touch as   primary playback device
TapSpeak Picture Choices Adds to TapSpeak Picture the ability to configure   and choose among two or more messages on a single screen.
TapSpeak Sequential (for iPad $29.99) Sequential recording and playback of songs, stories, nursery rhymes,   and other messages. Includes starter set of songs with others sets available   through iTunes
Tap to Talk (Free) Communication program that allows you to program 6   choices in the display, with a category picture above it. The speech is   better here then on the DS. Subscription needed to edit and add.
Tap to Talk for the DS
TouchChat ($149)  Transient   screen software that comes with 5 vocabulary files (each file contains   multiple linked pages) for various communication levels, contains pages based   on core vocabulary. It is programmable and you can add your own pictures.
Visules Uses drawings and photos to communicate schedules and   actions

Voice4u JP (Japanese)

($29.95) AAC app that contains 130 icons. You can   customize with your own icons.


Early Academics

ABC & Me Works on learning ABC’s and basic words through various   games.
Baa Baa Black Sheep ($1.99) by Duck Duck Moose. An educational puzzle app with   2 popular nursery rhymes. You explore the island of Baa Baa where you can row   your boat and explore 3 underwater worlds while looking for matching puzzle   pieces.
Dad’s Gift Colors, shapes, numbers and early math
Dog Party Created by PBS Kids, based on the series Martha Speaks   with several games and a pop quiz.
First Words Animals ($1.99) Includes 39 animals with sounds that children can   practice spelling and identifying the letters with different difficulty   levels.
Fish School (Made by Duck, Duck, Moose), Cute and interactive program   for letters, numbers, matching and other areas.
In the Zoo Alphabet learning using sing a long, Karaoke and   flashcards.
PreK Safari Letters, numbers, colors and shapes with flash cards or   touching the items when asked
Preschool Adventure Includes 8 simple activities parents can do with their   young toddlers and preschoolers


Fidget Apps (Some are also Cause/Effect)

Alli’s Jigsaw Puzzle ($0.99) Solve classic jigsaw puzzles
Ambiance ($2.99) An environment enhancer to help create an ambient   atmospheres to focus, relax or reminisce. You choose from over 1,000 free   sounds to download and list to, create customized sound mixes, cycle through   playlists, wake up to relaxing sounds and more.
Bubble Wrap (Free) Pop the bubbles on the bubble wrap, when you pop   them all you get a big bang
Cookie Doodle ($.99) You can make virtual cookies with 17 different   cookie dough choices, 25 different flavored icings, many different cookie   cutters and multiple toppings to create your own cookies that you can take pictures   of to email to others.
Garf ($0.99) This game exercises your memory by having to press   the buttons in the same sequence as you are shown.
Koi Pond ($0.99) Mimics a real koi pond. You can change the   settings of things like the weather, lily pads, amount of fish, and more. You   can touch and drag their finger in the water, move the lily pads, feed the   fish by shaking the device, and watch the fish eat the food. The sound   effects are very real, which makes the user feel like they really are at a   koi pond.
Neon Doodle ($0.99) With 8 different neon colors, you can create a   masterpiece, make a shopping list, play games like hangman or tic-tac toe ,   or even make a picture to send to a friend.
SoundTouch (Lite version available) 12 animals or vehicles, when you   touch one it goes to an actual picture and makes the sounds. 4 additional   categories are in the full version.
UZU Create different designs based on your touch actions, i.e.   hold two fingers near each other and the particles will go between each finger,   three fingers and all the particles come together and follow you finger   movements, all on a black background.
Wood Puzzle ($.99) Different themed puzzles with 21 different puzzles


Functional Life Skills, Social Stories, Feelings

The Angry Octopus book A book about how to handle anger and shows children how to   calm down. Beautiful illustrations and adorable characters.
Autism Xpress (free) It is designed to encourage people with autism to   recognize and express their emotions by touch expressive cartoon faces..
Community Sidekick ($9.99) From AbleNet, it provides automated location email   updates as the person with special needs travels in the community.
Hidden Curriculum for Adolescents and Adults Real life examples and suggestions by Judy Endow (an adult   on the spectrum). Topics covered include social relationships, community,   money, workplace and others.
Hidden Curriculum for Kids


Real life based entries to start conversations about the   “unwritten social rules”
iDress for Weather ($1.99)
Living Safely ($34.99)
Look in My Eye (garage, car mechanic, restaurant and toys) By looking in the eyes of people in the photographs you   see surprised. If you can match the number surprise you earn money to buy car   parts to build a car in the garage.
Model Me Going Places With 6 locations (e.g. playground), each has photos with   narration of children modeling the behavior
Model Me (free) Social stories for children
Off We Go HD ($4.99) Titles include Going on a Plane,   Going to the Dentist
Picture Scheduler This app shows a visual reminder (photo or   video) at a specified time as well as playing a voice note to cue the user.
Social Skills ($6.99)
Social Stories Uses real life pictures and stories that show facial   expressions that are easy to understand and follow. There are 6 stories that   teach classroom rules, turn taking, reciprocal play and more.
Stories 2 Learn ($13.99) Use to develop your own stories, adding in   pictures, sound and text.
Story Builder ($3.99)
StoryKit A free app that allows you to easily add in your own   pictures, text and messages for creating books, social stories, steps in   activities, etc.


Action Bowling Basic bowling game
Air Hockey ($.99) with 1 or 2 pucks for 1 or 2 players
Battleship ($0.99) The tradition game of logic and strategy allows   you to improve your rank and earn super weapons.
Bug Squash Squash the bugs as they go across the screen (good to   practice activating items on the touch)
The Deep A realistic pinball game where touching either side of the   screen activates the left and right flippers.
Flood-It See how many moves you have to make to flood the screen of   tiles all one color.
Labyrinth Move the marble to go around barriers and into the holes
Mahjong (various Mahjong games are available) The traditional Mahjong game in 3D
Matches Timed concentration game
Skee Ball Roll and release the ball to get points like in the arcade   games
Solitaire (various available) Various games for different types of Solitaire
Sudoku The traditional Sudoku game (various available)



123 Animals Counting Touch 40 different animals with sounds to see and hear   numbers counted.
Abacus HD ($0.99) iPhone & iPad – Will help children learn to   count faster and enjoy it.
A Factor Tree  
Algebra: High School and College Math Practice Problems ($9.99) Multiple choice questions, recalibrates based on   performance, review questions you missed most, flag specific questions for   later review.
AlgebraPrep ($3.99 each) From Pearson 10 different apps, including:   Equations, Inequalities and Problem Solving; real numbers; factoring;   quadratic equations; graphing; exponents; roots and radicals.
AlgrebraPrep: Practice Final Exam ($7.99) From Pearson, review, practice and prepare for   your algebra tests. Take practice tests, get answer feedbac and watch   instructional videos.
Algebra Pro (iPad only) ($7.99) Interactive workbook with over 100 practice   questions and instant “show me” lessons.
Algebra Solver Solves math formulas and equations and allows you to email   them to others.
Basic Math (Free) Based on drill and practice instructional   strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There is a   deluxe version available for $3.99.
Basic Math with Mathaliens HD (iPad only) ($1.99) Addition, subtraction, multiplecation, division with   2 basic game types of Mathaliens Bingo and Hunting Mathaliens.
Cloud Math Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing   with a timer, levels of difficulty and solution choices.
Cute Math 7 cute activities for counting, adding and subtracting   with manipulative, solution choices and verbal praise
DiaMath Algebra learning tool – solve the two empty spaces in the   diamond by following the rules.
Dinosaurs Kids Math HD (iPad only) ($1.99) Teaches how to count, add and subtract visually   using dinosaur animations with a prize reward system for completing each   level.
Easel Algebra Lite (free) interactive hands-on algebra workbooks with instant   “show me” lessons.
eSolver HD (iPad) (free) and iPhone version is available. In this first   version only quadratic equations are supported.
Flashcard Champion Basic Math ($0.99) For ages 4 to 11 to practice and improve the   fundamental math drills.
Flash Math Math flash cards from kindergarten to elementary ages,   addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
FractionTime ($1.99) A simple app for practicing adding, subtracting,   multiplying and dividing fractions.
Freddy Fraction Use Freddy, an alien, to determine the equivalence among   fractions, decimals and percents.
Free Equation Genius ($1.99) Math equation solver for first to third degree   equations and with 2 and 3 variables.
Free Graphic Calculator – lite iPhone and iPad version, scientific calculator and   function plotter, can plot cartesian and polar functions
Graphbook (free) a collection of interactive graphing examples.
iLiveMath (series) ($4.99) Series includes sports, oceans, trains, cars,   animals of Africa. Asks word problems at 3 different levels using real   situations.
KidCalc Math Fun Activities for number recognition, counting, and math   operations using flash cards, puzzles and games.
Math Bingo ($.99) Play Bingo by solving addition, subtraction,   division or multiplication problems at 3 different difficulty levels.
MathBoard ($2.99) Appropriate for ages from kindergarten to   elementary school. It includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and   division problems. The user can control the range of numbers they want to   work with, the amount of questions they want to answer, and even assign a   time limit per quiz. Makes learning math fun.
Math Cards Pro ($1.99) Quick quizzes in math, different speed modes,   includes Roman Numerals
Math Drills ($1.99) Drills for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and   dividing with number lines, hints and facts.
Math Magic Includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and   division, takes data and has graphics for younger children
Multiplication Includes quiz component that takes data
Park Math ($1.99) By Duck Duck Moose. Includes interactive   activities to count, sort, add, subtract and more for ages 1 to 6.
Pop Math In adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, pop   pairs of bubbles that match the equation with the solution.
Silly Numbers ($4.99) iPad, an interactive and fun way for children to   learn how to count with silly characters that come to life.
Sudoku HD for iPad Sudoku games at various levels
Tangram XL (free) Simple version of popular tangrams, move the shapes   around and tap to flip them.
TimesTables Works on times tables in different formats including a 12   x 12 grid


Math- Calculators

Big Beautiful Calculator Has changeable skins
Calcbot Has a four function mode and appears to show equations
Calc It Can show equation, in “123” mode it looks like a four   function calculator
Easy Calculator (free) shows the math vertically
Free Graphing Symbolic Calculator (free) allows for quickly inputting formulas.
Graphing Calculator Scientific calculator and high resolution function plotter   to trace multiple equations on the same graph
Jumbo Calculator (Free) Provides ease of use of a large buttoned calculator   that allows you to add, subtract, multiply, divide, squaring, and   square-rooting.
MyCalculator Pro Graphic calculator in 2D and 3D with one touch graphing   with memory to store and recall answers
Super Calc (free) changeable backgrounds


Math – Money Skills

Coin Counting Calculator Realistic pictures of coins, does not include dollars, has   a younger look
Coin Math ($1.99) works on identifying coins, counting coins and   learning to make change. It can also be used to learn or reinforce counting   by 5’s, 10’s and 25’s.
Money – Learn to Count Customize the values of money, then select the correct   value that corresponds to bills and coins pictured.
Money Counting Calculator Realistic pictures of coins and dollars, has a look like a   standard calculator, you touch the coins/bill and the total amount shows on   the top display
Pocket Change Times adding activity using graphics of actual coins



Autism News Reader ($.99) Grabs the top stories from the best autism health   news and information sites and delivers them to your iPhone.
Behavior Tracker Pro ($29.99) Allows you to record the components of ABC data   collection and then analyze the data.
Conover Company They have over 40 apps of various titles including   category sight words, money equivalents, social skills, grooming and many   others. They have 4 free samplers available.
Dragon Search (free) Allows you to search the internet based on dictated   text.
Flashcards (free) Allows you to create your own flashcards for any subject
Howcast Videos in a variety of categories including arts, media,   business, careers, education, crafts, hobbies, kids, sports, technology and   many more.
Matches Timed concentration game
Revision Aid Design your own tests, they can be multiple choice or a   single answer.
Wikipanion Access to wikipedia


Music, Musical Instruments and Songs for Young Children

Accordeon – iPad Play the accordeon by touching the keys and buttons.
Air Harp – iPad ($1.99) Can play the strings or follow the notes on the   strings to play songs
Autoharp Just like the actual autoharps, you create music by moving   over the strings.
Bassist ($2.99) plays the bass buitar
Bloom Touch on the screen to create bubbles that play southing   music.
Drum Kit ($1.99) The closet you can get   without a real drum kit. It is a fun app for drummers and non-drummers. The   user can create their own music or play along to songs.
Five Little Monkeys Musical counting game based on the popular rhyme with toys   that react to touch. Can sing in rock, country or pop modes
Glee Karaoke ($.99) Sing all the songs to the popular show with the app   making you sound amazing
Guitarist ($3.99) Allows you to hold chords & strum at the same   time, comes with many different guitars.
iBand Tribal Percussion ($.99) includes several instruments like maracas, sticks   & Tambourine that you can play by shaking or tapping.
Instruments Allows you to play one at a time of the 6 instruments
iRecorder ($.99) Blow into the iPhone as you would a recorder. It   also has an auto blow feature for those who can’t sustain their breath.
Itsy Bitsy Spider Interactive song where the spider navigates from screen to   screen
JamPad Great app, includes Guitar, Drum, different keyboards,   tempo changers and other features that respond to your touch.
Kid Songs Kwiz Game As a popular kid song plays, touch the corresponding   picture from a field of 4
Kidzsongs 6 songs in a sing to me or sing by myself mode, with   simple animation.
Magic Piano – iPad ($0.99) Great sound on a circular piano, blank screen or following   the noted for a variety of songs.
Melody Bells ($.99) Play one hand bell by shaking or multiple ones by   touch.
Melody Cat Each cat makes a different sound when touched and the cats   on the top of the roof make an instrument sound.
Music 4 interactive activities where music is provided by   tapping on different areas of the screen
Old MacDonald Musical book with 12 interactive pages that play the song   in varied languages or instruments or record your own voice
Piano Pals A lite version available, $2.99 for all 5 scenes. The   piano on the bottom can play animal sounds or musical notes for each scene or   reinforce numbers or colors.
Pocket Guitar ($0.99) turns your device into a pocket guitar that you   can press and strum the strings just like a real guitar. It includes several   different guitar sounds.
Pocket Piano ($0.99) Exactly like a real piano. The notes range from c3   to c5 including sharps and flats giving the user two full octaves to play   your favorite tunes. Hold the keys for longer notes or tap for shorter ones.   It has a built in recording feature.
Pocket Shaker (Free) Turns your device into any percussion instrument   you can imagine. Just shake the device to hear the sound.
Puff the Magic Dragon An animated video plays as the classic song is sung.
Singing Pumpkins Each plays a different sound or word.
Sounddrop (free) A simple game where you draw lines to trap balls   that make music as they hit the lines.
Thumb Pad Plays over 30 instruments, you can create your own   instrument, download samples, loop what you create and record it. Requires   very little physical movements to use.
Toddler Jukebox Listen to 5 classic songs and one original song by a   children’s artist.
Virtuoso Piano Free 2HD (Free) virtual piano
Wheels on the Bus Musical book with 8 interactive pages that plays the song   in varied languages or instruments or records your voice
World of Lullabies Audio and lyrics provided for 10 lullabies
Xmas Count Counts the days towards Christmas while playing a   Christmas song with simple animations


Organization, Prompting and Memory

Audiotorium Notes – with Dropbox ($4.99) Dropbox & TextExpander integration. A way to   record, organize, review and share your audio and text notes. You can define   your own abbreviations and use audio bookmarks to mark and find important   sections of audio later.
Awesome Note Lite (+ todo) (Free) An innovative note taking application and to-do   manager that allows you to combine notes with to-do flexibilities. You can   customize its look with themes with different folder icons, colors, fonts,   and paper backgrounds. It provides easy- to -use regular notes to notes with   multiple photo attachments, To-Do Notes to organize your day, Post-It style   quick notes, and the ability to send notes with photo attachments as emails.
Bento ($4.99) Helps you organize all the details of your busy   life in one application. Manage contacts and club members, coordinate   projects and parties. You can track vet bills and vehicle maintenance in this   easy to use application. It is the portable version of the popular personal   database from FileMaker. Bento for iPad comes with 25 ready to use database   templates that can be easily customized to organize virtually any type of   information you have.
Bread and Milk ($0.99) A grocery list app that’s fast, simple, elegant,   and fun.
Bug Me Allows you to jot notes with your figures, set alarms, and   save Stickies to your home screen.
Child timer ($1.99) A stress-free way to teach children about time   limits for common activities including: going to bed, cleaning up, turning   off the TV, time to eat, time to go, bath time, time for school, and time   out.
Dropbox Store up to 2 GB of files can access from the web
Evernote Note keeping took, allows sync between devices and is   searchable
First Then Visual Schedule ($9.99)Customizable Visual Schedule application that   includes verbal feedback. You can add as many images as needed to create   steps in tasks using different format.
Flipside HD ($1.99) A note card application that makes studying fun.   You can create full-screen study cards quickly and easily. Flipside HD   shuffles the cards to exercise your memory and allows you to mark the cards   you don’t know so you can study them more.
iHomework (requires OS 10.5 on Mac) ($1.99) Keep up to date with shool work, grades, to-do’s,   teacher’s information and other information in this school organizer. Can set   alarms for assignments/tests.
iStudiez Pro ($2.99) Sophisticated student’s planner that organizes   your schedule and assignments
iEarnedThat Can divide a photograph into any number of animated puzzle   pieces. As the puzzle is completed, players earn rewards.
IEP Checklist (free) Provides a checklist of everything that should be   done at an EIP, includes specific language from IDEA and places to keep notes
iReward A motivational chart
J’s Job Jar ($0.99) Enter jobs that need to get done. When you shake   the job, the job jar will select the job most likely to lead to job   satisfaction
iStudiez Pro (a lite version is available) Built in planner that allows you to manage all types of   schedule, section to keep track of homework & assignments with different   ways of organizing them, with Push Notifications, summary or current classes   & tasks automatically reflected in Today view.
Mental Note ($2.99) iPad, a note taking app that allows you to use   multiple colors and widths, import pictures, add audio, organize your notes,   include drawings and export into Mental Note as a PDS or picture with audio   attached as an email.
Mind Jet ($7.99) Mind Maps
Mind Notes ($5.99) Way of collecting, organizing and outline your   thoughts and ideas as mind maps.
NotifyMe 2 ($2.99) To-do reminder application that lets users quickly   create personal reminders and to-dos with alerts for quick daily and on the   go use.
Percentally Track & record data, both single and dual item, gives   percent correct, transfers to Google docs
Picture Scheduler This app shows a visual reminder (photo or   video) at a specified time as well as playing a voice note to cue the user.
Remember the Milk (Free) Allows you to take your to-do list   anywhere.
ReQall (Free) Remember what is important here and   now. It gathers and manages all the tasks you need to do by date, time,   locations and keywords, and alerts you at just the right time and place. Save   your ideas, to-do lists and things to remember by voice or text.
Say It & Mail It Pro Recorder for the iPad ($3.99) The fastest way to email a voice   memo from your iPad to yourself or to someone else. You have the option to   include a photo, movie and Google map location. It has been designed with   simplicity and speed and remembers your name and email address.
Scheduler Allows you to create schedules with pictures, text and   audio. Alerts are sent to the user at the scheduled times for each activity   and will display the programmed prompt.
Stacks Pro ($4.99) Make your own study note cards, import flashcards   from other websites and applications and copy and paste flashcards from   Excel, Word and Text Files
StickIt (Free to $0.99) A sticky note reminder application.
TextMinder ($1.99) Allows you to schedule SMS text reminders to be   sent to you at the times you specify, repeating as often as you choose.
Things and Things for iPad ($9.99 and $19.99)A task manager application that offers a   balance of use and powerful features. It manages to-do notes, due dates and   projects.
Time Timer ($4.99) Red bar disappears as time goes down, includes   auditory reminders when time is finished
To Do ($4.99) Allows you to create your own to do lists, that   can be tagged, with push notifications.
Visual Scheduler (Free) Manage your schedule with simple interface and   operation. You can easily manage your schedules with selecting tables and   buttons on a screen
VoCal ($3.99) A Voice Calendar Reminder app that offers repeats,   choice of alert tones and voice reminders. Instead of having to type into   your device when you need a quick reminder, record a voice message to   yourself and have it alert you at the right time.


Art Camera With 33 filters, your photos can mimic art styles and be   shared to email, Facebook or Twitter
Camera Zoom 2 Zoom in/out with iPhone camera, take pictures by pressing   volume and use the timer
ColorSplash For dramatic effect, convert your photos to black and   white while maintaining the details in color
Cooliris Photo and video content displayed on an endless wall and   search across multiple websites
Flickr Search and capture photos and videos, tag, do batch   uploads and share to the Flickr community.
Gorillacam Take photos by pressing anywhere on the screen or use features   such as a self-timer, time lapse and rapid fire.
Photo Booth Classic Take 4 photos to recreate black and white photo strips,   then share to your camera roll, Facebook or Twitter.
Photo Sketch Use one of your photos to create a high quality, hand drawn   rendering of that image.
Photobucket Upload photos to your Photobucket albums, search and   download photos and share image URL and html code.
Photoshop Mobile Edit photos for cropping, colors, filters like soft focus   and effects like warm vintage, then share the final products.
Pic Pop Use the Pic Pop box to cycle through your photo library   and double tap a photo to spin to the next one
PicMix Mix two or more photos in a montage, then edit the detail   and add backgrounds.
ViewFinder ($4.99) Photo search and download from Flickr


Productivity Tools

iAnnodate Allows you to work with PDF’s, has a highlighting feature   and you can do annotations (
 Print Central An application that allows you to print from your iPad



300+ Sight Words Sight words for Level 1 to 5 and Nouns 1 & 2 with text   only that can be read to you.
ABC Animals Interactive animal flashcards with audio that provide the   letter name, associated animal name and the phonetics
ABC Learning Pad (iPad) ($1.99) Includes 4 games to teach alphabet, animals,   numbers and colors in 2 learning modes: training at your own pace and Quiz   interactive challenge. Audio Baby Talking Learning Pad is the iPhone/iTouch   version for $1.99).
abc Pocket Phonics Combines 3 apps with letter sounds, letter writing   practice and 170 first words
Alphabet Animals All 26 letters in interactive flashcards that make sounds   and animations when touched
Audiobooks Includes audio books that are free and others that are   not.
Audio Study Notes by RocketBook ($1.99) Audio study notes for a variety of the classics.   There are iPad and iPhone version. Some have accompanying video components.
Blio Will allow any books to be read to you, free app soon to   be available
Build a Word (a lite version is available) Place letters in the outline provided one at a time to   build a word and the word morphs into word friends.
iBaldi ($.99) Watch and listen to Baldi, a 3D animated character   who can read you imported text with accurate mouth and face movements and   convincing emotions.
i Can Read Flash cards where 1 side contains the picture and the   other the text only.
iFlash Flash cards by word ending families. Pick a word ending   and each time you touch the screen the initial letter changes. No audio.
iSentence Use a roller bar to line up words to create the sentence   that makes sense (could use as a sentence writing activity also).
iWord (lite version available) Flash cards (no audio) for words that can be letter by   letter length
K-3 Sight Words ($0.99) Sight or dolch words on flash cards. – 24 titles Most of the titles present one photograph at a time with   the text above it being read when you touch the page.
Learn to Talk Contains text and audio on flash cards for high impact   words, objects and labels and other categories. Settings for: say cards;   shuffle; spelling and first letters.
Martha Speaks Dog Party Presented by PBS and based on the television series, it is   about a dog that eats a bowl of alphabet soup and gain the power of human   speech, contains 4 different games. A study based on use of this app showed a   31% gain in vocabulary after using it for 5 hours over 2 weeks.
See Read Say Includes all 220 Dolch Words spoken at the push of a   button with individual tracked progress.
Stories2Learn A shell to build your own social stories or other types of   stories, can include pictures and audio. Comes with 1 story.
StoryKit Comes preloaded with a few stories. Easy to import   pictures and create your own stories, schedules, social stories or sequences   for activities. Can add voice recordings and text.
Super Why! From PBS Kids – contains 4 interactive literacy games
Voice Cards Pictures and text for various category cards in English   and Spanish.
Web Reader Reads text on the web
weesay ABC Preloaded or create your own album of alphabetical sounds   and images using the camera and microphone.


Science & Social Studies

3D Brain (Free) Rotate and zoom in on   29 interactive structures. Each

structure comes with   information on functions, disorders, brain

damage, case studies and  links to research

All Countries Basic information and a   picture of the flag is presented for each

country with links to Google,   Flikr and Google maps.

Brain Tutor 3D (Free) 3D images created by   MRI. Allows you to interact with

the rotatable 3D images

EleMints (Mild EleMints 2 is


A periodic Table, a Plot   Graph, Element listing, Electron

Diagram and information on   each element.

Exoplanet (Free) A daily updated database   of all discovered extrasolar

planets with interactive 3D   plot of all exoplanets in the Milky

Way and background   information.

Google Earth (Free) Type in a destination   and see the photo narrow in and

show you what it looks like   from above

GoSkyWatch Planetarium (free) iPad, easily and   quickly identify and locate stars, planets

and constellations with a   touch or by pointing to the sky.

HD History of the United   States ($.99) Covers a variety of   topics including Native Americans,

Colonial history, the American   Revolution, Bill of Rights,

foreign policy, cultural &   economic history

History: Maps of World (free) A collection of high   resolution historical maps
Life Cycle ($.99) Includes interactive   and narrated information on 10 life


Mapquest Can get directions or maps,   includes information on various

points of interests.

Maps (free) Application that comes   pre-installed. It can now be done

in the classic, satellite,   hybrid (satellite and maps together) and

terrain view.

NASA (iPad) (Free) thousands of images   with on demand NASA videos and

live streaming, current   mission information

Periodic Table of the Elements (Free) the standard periodic   table of the elements where you can

select a chemical attribule and have the   entire chart color coded

to show how the different   elements vary with regart to the

selected trait.

Planets (Free) Can touch the planets   to learn more about them, spin

them and zoom in. Also a   popular fidgit tool.

Science Friday (Free) iPad,  A weekly science talk show broadcast on   NPR.
Science Quiz Quizzes your knowledge in   physics, chemistry, biology,

zoology, earth science and   inventions.

Science Glossary (Free) A glossary of   scientific terms and short biographies that

support the science education   website

SkyORB (Free) A collection of 6 tools   including a 3D star map, 3D

planetarium, ephemeris, search   engine, sun clock and more.

Solar Walk 3D ($2.99) A 3D solar system   model that lets you navigate through

space and time, learning trajectories,   structures etc.

United States Map Game (Free) Learn the names and   locations of the 50 states with this

interactive map quiz.

VideoScience (Free) videos that are 2 to 3   minutes in length and demonstrate

the steps of simple science   experiments, with little setup time

and using only low cost   materials. Features science teacher Dan

Menelly (winner of the   Einstein Fellowship).

Westward Expansion (Free) US History Unit:   westward Expansion of the United

States in the 1800’s.


Sign Language Apps

ABC Sign ($0.99) Designed to learn the American Sign Language   alphabet. Each signs is illustrated in a colored photograph. A letter is   spoken aloud and the user is presented with three choices for the correct   sign. You can choose until the correct sign is found.
ASL Idioms & Phrases ($1.99 to $3.99) It includes ASL phrases with high   resolution videos. It contains quizzes.
ASL Signs Can arrange alphabetically or by categories. An avitar   shows and says the sign.
American Sign Language Over 11,000 vocabulary items in an interactive sign   dictionary
iASL ($1.99 to $7.99) The only American Sign Language (ASL)   dictionary, tutorial, reference, and English to ASL translator tool.
Idioms 1 by Everyday ASL Contains a variety of idioms arranged alphabetically that are   displayed several times in a short video and also shown in a sentence. It   also has a quiz component. No audio.
iSign (3D and lite version available) ($4.99) Many vocabulary items arranged alphabetically with   simple animation to display the sign
iSpeech Toddler Sign 2 animated children show 30 signs each with accompanying
Jolly Holiday Learn prepositions while decorating the tree, then learn   the signs to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.
Sign 4 Me ($12.99) With more than 11,500 words in the library, you   can learn signed English from a 3D avatar.
Sign Smith ASL More than 1200 signs you can learn American Sign Language   from a 3D avatar. Can customize on how often the sign is shown. A free lite   version is available.
Signing Time (Lite version also) Contains videos with audio of various signs, arranged   alphabetically. Also contains flash cards and challenges.
Toddler Sign Volume 1 contains at least 100 signs arranged   alphabetically that contain a description and animation on how to make the sign.



100 Words to Make you Sound Smart ($2.99) The entire text of the book is included. The words   were chosen by the editors of the American Heritage Dictionary.
ABC Animals ($1.99) Letters, phonics and handwriting for preschoolers
ABC Dinosaurs (Ipad) Trace various letters, numbers, concept words and dinosaur   names.
ABC Tracer Alphabet flashcards (a lite version available)
ACT & SAT Vocabulary Builder ($2.99) Presents a variety of words for you to learn and   customizes your experience automatically.
ACT Spell ($2.99) Allows you to add in your own spelling words,   auditory feedback provided. Can adjust number of buttons, button size and   background colors.
AlphaPuzzle Tracing letters, word flashcards and easy puzzles
Big Quotes ($1.99) Over 1200 quotes from over 600 authors with   searchable features.
Build a Word (lite version available) Make the letters into a word by putting them in the   outline and having the word morph into the word friend.
Chicktionary Using the timed or untimed mode, use letters to create   words and get the word definitions
Dasher A word prediction program based on letter possibilities   controlled by moving a line connecting the letters
Diary Write in a diary that you can add voice notes or photos,   change the font and size and email to others.
Dictionary Using predictive text search for a word and its definition   or synonym in context from dictionary. Com or
Dictionary? A quick, easy to use and comprehensive dictionary that   lets you look up words and find their definitions or synonyms and navigate   between words
Dictionary! Easy to use, no fluff dictionary
Dragon Dictation Voice recognition that you can then see and edit your text   to share on clipboard, SMS and email
Dragon Search Voice recognition to use to search on Google, YouTube,   Wikipedia, iTunes & Twitter
First Words: Deluxe ($4.99) The game includes over 147 words including   animals, vehicles, colors, shapes and items from around the home. The user   touches a letter to hear it and drag it to the correct position.
FirstWords: At Home With pictures of over 30 items around the house, touch a   letter to hear it and drag it to the correct word position
Letter Tracer Tracing lower or upper case letters and numbers. Allows   for some customization. You can shake the screen to clear your tracing.
iLive Grammer Botany ($4.99) Interactive multimedia with 4 lessons in nouns,   verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, articles, nouns, conjunctions and   review. Sentence are associated with pictures where a specific word or words   are highlighted. The sentence and answers are tracked for record keeping.
iThoughts Can import from and export to MindManager as well as other   desktop graphic organizers
iWriteWords (a lite version available) In easy or regular mode, trace numbers, lower and upper   case letters using numbered prompts
Magnetic Poetry: Build a Poem Has a wide variety of words and word fragments that allow   you to create an endless number of poems
MindJet Works with iThoughts or MindManager for Mac and Windows
MindMeister Create, view, and edit mind maps, then share them to a   website to view and edit further
Momento Provides a quick and easy way to write in a private   journal, can connect with popular social web services.
My Writing Nook Write in portrait or landscape, autosave, word count,   dictionary/thesaurus lookup, email documents
Pocket Whiteboard Works as a whiteboard on the phone or iPad. Can take   pictures of your creations, thoughts using the “home” and “sleep” buttons   (can do this for all apps for a screen shots)
Pocket Phonics Tracing letters paired with the letter sounds
Puppet Pals Allows you to use set scenes and characters recording your   own messages to create stories or shows that can be saved. Additional sets   and characters can be purchased.
Scramble Connect 3 or more letters to create words in various   player modes, after the time is up a list of possible words is displayed
Sentence Builder ($3.99) Use spin wheels to make grammatically correct   sentences with attention paid to the connector words, interactive with   picture support
ShapeWriter Rather than hunting and pecking, a single stroke through   the letters in a word can write the word. Also includes word prediction on   top of the keyboard.
Sound Paper (iPad only) Tracks what you draw and write while recording audio.   During playback tap a word and it will playback what was recorded at that   time. Share your text, drawings or audio notes via email or import directly   to your Mac or PC.
Speaktionary Talking dictionary
Spel It Rite Pro From two choices, select the correctly spelled word as   quickly as possible
SpellBoard ($4.99) Allows you to create spelling quizzes in any   language. Enter word, the grade level and the spoken word and you can add the   written word and/or spoken phrase. You can share quiz with other SpellBoard   users, tracks performance
Story Patch ($4.99) Comes with over 800 illustrations (that can be   customized) or you can add your own photos, to your writings or use one of   the built in themes.
Textfree Use a Textfree email account, send and receive unlimited   texts free for a whole ear
TipTap Speech ($4.99) A unique text input method providing an   alternative to the QWERTY keyboard, called chording or chorded text input.   It  allows you to type using five   binary chords rather than keys. It’s great for people with limited mobility,   but a new system of typing must be learned. It lets you type without having   to look at the screen, which is an excellent feature for low vision. It also   comes with a text-to-speech function.
Trace Do various activities tracing your finger on the screen
Typing Class Practice and timed format for using the onscreen keyboard
Typo As you type possible words show up in a list. To hear the   words you touch them, and to select, you touch them again.
Word Magic With a picture shown and a letter missing in a word,   select the correct choice for reinforcers and rewards
Word Scramble 2 Among scrambled letters, tap three or more to create words   in a single player, multi-player or live game online
Write Now – a lite version available Allows you to write notes using your handwriting, each   page is automatically saved when you go to a new page.
WriteRoom Full screen editing, sync to simple text, text expander   support, search your documents
ZenTap Word prediction with choices displayed on top of the   alphabet screen


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How to Build a Theft Proof iPhone
I – I Education Apps Review – extensive resources   listed by various categories from toddlers to college level
iHelp for Autism – article from San Francisco Weekly
(The) iPad: A Near Miracle for my Son with Autism
iPad Apps that Help Autistic Children’s Development   (video)
The iPad: A Disability Friendly Device? Written by a user   with muscular weakness.
iPad User’s Guides
iPad with Neo as keyboard
iPad – video using VoiceOver
iPodject Wiki – an collaborative online   community exploring iPods in education.
iPods in School – Kathy Cothran presents a   wealth of ideas on using iPods in schools.
iPod Therefore I Can: Enhancing the Learning   of Children with Intellectual Disabilities Through Emerging Technologies –   PDF download on a research study on iPod
iPod Touch for Special Needs Classroom – Mobile Learning   for All
iPod Touch – Touching Students lives in the Classroom
iPods for Special Education
iPod/iPhone survey of use in education
iPodsibilities – a teacher’s thoughts on using iPods &   iPads in the classroom. Includes extensive links to apps, resources, lesson   plans and app reviews. A wealth of information.
iPod Users Group Wiki
iPrepPress – video and audio ebooks for smart phones,   eReaders, MP3 & game consoles
iTunesU – free, K-12 schools and colleges are providing   students with learning opportunities Available through iTunes as a free download
Learning in Hand – iPods in educations – information on   apps, quick tips to get you started with iTouch & iPad etc.
Magic Mouse – how to get a mouse to work on an iPad   (involves jailbreaking the iPad)
North Point iBand,  A link band playing with different apps on   the iPad and iTouch. A blog with links to the different apps is at
Only the iPad  –   resources about iPads in the classroom
Portable speakers
The School that gives Kids their own iPad (article)
Speech/Language Pathology Sharing Apps for Special   Education
Speirs’ (Fraser)    blog – contains information and links on the iPad
Sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod with Multiple Computers
Syncing photos to iPod
Teaching Learners with multiple needs blog
Text Accessibility plan for iPhone from AT&T
Using the iPad to Connect (article in the Wall Street   Journal)


iPad/iPhone/iTouch related Products

Adapted Headstick Pointer – YouTube video
Camera Connecting Kit – connect your digital camera or   iPhone via USB cable or insert your SD memory card directly to the iPad ($29)
Echo touch glove
iGear – accessories
iHome Speaker
In Your Face – viewbase flexible holder for iPhone
iPad Case
iPad Should Leather Case with strap
iPad Sound Sleeve (coming in June) review
iPad Stabile Stand
iPad Stand
iPad Speaker
iPhone speaker
Mini Mic 3.5mm Microphone from
Otterbox iPad cases – heavy duty cases
PED3-Auto mount for phone
Pogo Stylus
Speaker Resources
ThinkGeek – (They have a variety of stands and cases,   including a flex stand, hard case and hip case for the iPad. Go under   gadgets)
Thumb Tack Mic 3.5mm Mini Microsphone from



AT Tips AT Tools in public schools, exploring and investigating   different implementation of AT in schools (not app related specifically).
iPad Live Weekly podcast on various aspects of the iPad
iPad Screencasts Video Demonstrations for the iPad
iPhone Podcast Includes information on the iPhone and iPad.


Compiled from information obtained from research, iTunes information, references on the QIAT listserve, from the information in “iPhone and iPod toch Apps for (Special) Education” written by Eric Sailers and the ATIA Webinar “There is an App for That” presented by Dr. Therese Willkomm, Ph.D., OT.