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(Note: Although this webinar series is specifically designed for Pediatricians, the resources listed below provide valuable information for educators, health care professionals and parents as well.)

The UConn UCEDD is collaborating with the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services and the Hezekiah Beardsley Connecticut Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics to offer a webinar series on Autism Spectrum Disorder. This webinar series is designed to connect state-level experts in various aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorder with Connecticut pediatricians to provide increased knowledge regarding the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder and how this impacts their role with children and families.

Over the course of the next year, six webinars will be offered on the following topics: Read the remainder of this entry »

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PresenceLearning, creator of the leading network of teletherapy providers in education, is launching a free, three-part webinar series for special education leaders and clinicians focused on big, new ideas that can positively impact student development, outcomes, and long term success.

For the first webinar on February 14, 2017, scholar, author, and speaker Dr. Lori Desautels will provide valuable insight about educational neuroscience and recognition of our schools as living systems. She’ll illuminate how and why educators, clinicians, and administrators must care for their own brains and hearts to bring about big change. Next up on March 30, 2017… Read the remainder of this entry »

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ATIA 2017: Network, Learn, Volunteer!

Posted September 12, 2016 By Lee Learson

ATIA 2017 will be here sooner than you think and now you can start planning your conference experience. The ATIA 2017 online session directory is live! Browse the education sessions you can attend and register by September 30 to take advantage of the Early Bird Discount and the early risk-free cancellation policy.

NETWORK Read the remainder of this entry »

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Start Students’ Year with Inspiring Math Messages and Creative Learning Opportunities.

‘Week of Inspirational Math’ provides teachers, parents and students with five days of content-rich lessons and motivational videos

To help students in grades K-12 approach math with creativity and enjoyment, youcubed, a Stanford University center that provides research-based resources for teaching and learning mathematics, has released a series of free lessons in time for back to school. The Week of Inspirational Math (WiM) lesson series for teachers, parents, and students includes five lessons that offer students open, rich mathematics experiences that inspire creative thinking and a growth mindset. The lessons are accompanied by five motivational videos created by Stanford professor Jo Boaler and her undergraduate students. Read the remainder of this entry »

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ATIA – New Summer/Fall Webinars

Posted June 15, 2016 By Lee Learson

ATIA has just announced its summer/fall webinar lineup! The all-new lineup features a range of AT topics, including proposed rules on website accessibility, switch activities for independence, and apps to assist with memory tasks. The following are just some of the great opportunities available to you to advance your AT skills in 2016. Read the remainder of this entry »

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ATIA On-line Learning

Posted May 5, 2016 By Lee Learson

The ATIA’s Assistive Technology (AT) Online Professional Development program is the source of high-quality education from leading AT professionals for educators and service professionals working at the local, state and national levels in government and private organizations. Find the training you need in our extensive directory.

What makes our Assistive Technology Online Education exceptional? Read the remainder of this entry »

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The course will be moderated by Beth Poss from October 20, 2015 – November 6, 2015.

This three week course will cover mobile technology tools for children from birth to 8 years old. Beth Poss is a Center on Technology and Disability faculty member and the course is designed to give early childhood educators and parents a broad view of current research on the use of technology with infants, toddlers and young children. The course will discuss the implications of technology use as an early learning tool for young children with disabilities. Participants will have the opportunity to explore developmentally appropriate apps and other technology resources that support the growth of language, play, literacy and early math skills, including assistive technology tools for access and communication.

Week 1 Kick Off Webinar: Introduction to Mobile Technology for Young Learners; Week 1 Lesson Content: Recommendations for use of mobile apps for children Birth-8

The webinar will provide an overview of the recommendations of medical and educational professionals regarding the use of media by children from birth to 8 years and best practices in the use of media, including mobile technology for parents and educators. RSVP for the Kick Off Webinar

Week 2 Webinar: Mobile technology supporting early literacy, language & communication; Week 2 Lesson Content:  Exploration of Apps and other Resources for Supporting Language and Literacy in Young Children

Beth Poss will explore developmentally appropriate apps and other media resources that support the development of language and literacy in young children in alignment with best practices in media use of young children. RSVP for the Week 2 Webinar

Week 3 Webinar: Supporting Play and Problem Solving in Young Children in the Context of a UDL Early Learning Environment; Week 3 Lesson Content: Supporting Play and Problem Solving in Young Children in the cotext of a UDL Early Learning Environment

In this webinar we will explore, in the UDL context, developmentally appropriate apps and other media resources that support the development of play and problem solving in young children in alignment with best practices in media use of young children.

RSVP for the Week 3 Webinar


For more information contact The Center on Technology and Disability | |


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AbleNet’s first online professional development course eLearning: The Facilitated IEP  is a self-paced 3-month online course; is a cost-effective professional development opportunity that is designed for all staff that are part of the IEP process and includes vital and proven techniques and processes for running successful IEP meetings.

The IEP meeting a mandated process for planning successful student outcomes with parents administrators and teachers can result in dissatisfaction with goals placement services and decisions. AbleNet has collaborated with Key2Ed to develop an online course to help ensure educators have successful IEP meetings with the student’s best interest at the core. Read the remainder of this entry »

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ATIA Announces the Full Session Directory for ATIA 2016

Posted August 24, 2015 By Lee Learson

Stay on top of the latest trends; discover tools and best practices in assistive technology and network with your peers at ATIA 2016 in Orlando.

ATIA 2016 brings together AT practitioners, teachers, researchers, parents of children with disabilities, AT product and service providers and more – all to help the community to network, learn and share.

ATIA 2016 offers more than 300 education sessions in a variety of session strands. By attending the pre-conference seminars and conference sessions, you can earn up to 26 CEU hours while building your knowledge and expanding your network.

The Full Session Directory is now online! Browse the exceptional selection of educational topics to help you achieve your professional development goals.

Register Early and Save! Take advantage of the Early Bird discount and register by Friday, September 25 to save more than $100 off the onsite registration fee.


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Medicare has issued a new National Coverage Decision for SGDs and the President signed the Steve Gleason Act.  These developments mark a new beginning for Medicare SGD coverage.  This session will explain the types and features of SGDs that Medicare will now cover and pay for; the additional capabilities and features that SGDs can offer; and how Medicare beneficiaries will be able to access those additional capabilities and features.  It also will explain how the 2015 NCD and Gleason Act will affect SLP assessment and reporting.

This Webinar is FREE to ALL AAC Stakeholders. Participants are encouraged to submit questions in advance as well as during the webinar. Please register as soon as possible.

When: Wednesday, August 18 at 7 p.m.

Presenters: Lewis Golinker, Esq., AAC Advocate; Lisa G. Bardach, MS, CCC – Speech-language-pathologist

Facilitator: Amy Goldman, MS, CCC – Speech-language-pathologist

Registration: Click here for online registration.



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