Quizbot – the first automatic quiz generator for Google

New from Don Johnston!  Innovations like robot vacuums and self-driving cars are giving people time to spend in more useful ways. Quizbot is ready to do the same for quiz-building.

With Quizbot, teachers can build quizzes automatically from any text (online articles or PDFs) with one click. The accessible quiz is automatically put into Google Forms and scoring is automatic.

Build quizzes automatically from any text with one click. Automatic scoring through Google Forms shows instantly what is being comprehended.

How it Works

1. Visit a webpage or open a PDF in Google Chrome.

2. Activate Quizbot in the Chrome toolbar — the quiz is automatically built and put into Google Forms.

3. Modify and add questions, then send to students.

Quizbot returns quiz results instantly!

Integration: Quizbot integrates with Google G Suite, Google Drive, Google Forms, and Google Classroom. Just about any website can be used as quiz content sources.

Instantly Create Quiz Questions and Answers from Your Text: Give Quizbot the text / reading passage, and it instantly returns a quiz with questions and answers already linked. 

Easy Quiz Delivery; Deliver quizzes through email, link, or embed them.

 Instant Results: See quiz results showing student knowledge and comprehension.

Integration with Google: Add educational value to Google tools to get increased usage across Google Forms, Classroom, and G Suite.

Customizable: Customize questions in Google Forms to test for higher-order of thinking. Multiple question types including comprehension and vocabulary.

For more information visit the Don Johnston website!

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