Apple Store Field Trip Experience Now Includes Skoog!

Take your students or fellow teachers on a Field Trip to the Apple Store for an unforgettable learning experience. Students will create amazing work right on the spot. They’ll take their imaginations to new heights using Apple products to produce immersive, creative projects. Field Trip makes sure students and teachers walk away knowing that whatever they dream is possible through education, creativity, and dedication.

And you can now play Skoog in Apple stores around the world! Skoog is part of Apple’s new multisensory learning Field Trip sessions offered in Apple stores around the world! Students can create amazing work right on the spot, taking their imaginations to new heights using Apple products to produce immersive, creative projects. And now they are doing it with iPad and Skoog! Whatever your skills, abilities or musical talents, Skoog’s universal design enables fun, accessible, expressive music-making for children, parents, teachers, musicians and families, including those with disabilities.

Every classroom is different. Apple Field Trips can be, too. Teachers can tailor their trip to complement the education the kids are already getting in their classrooms. Field Trip themes and topics include the following:

  • Discovery and Experimentation:  Students can learn the value of conducting experiments and overcoming challenges, testing their theories along the way.
  • Interactive Storytelling: Combining literacy and creative skills, students can bring stories to life that spark their imaginations.
  • Digital Marketing: Using persuasion and design skills, students can create digital projects to inspire change and action in areas like sustainability and health.
  • Multisensory Learning: Working with the Skoog music and sound cube, students with disabilities can make music and create stories using their own recorded dialogue.
  • Content for the Classroom: Teachers can discover how iPad, together with content from the App Store, iBooks Store, and iTunes U, can be used to enhance classroom learning.

Apple introduced the new Field Trip program in April as part of their support for Autism Acceptance. Parents and teachers or anyone interested in learning more can reach out to their local Apple Store and request a Skoog Field Trip. These new sessions are in addition to accessibility workshops already offered globally covering: vision, hearing, physical motor, and literacy and learning topics. To book a field trip for your students and try Skoog and iPad for yourself visit:

To find your local apple store visit:

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