GPS SmartSoles on the Verizon Network

GTX Corp (OTCBB: GTXO), an Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider in the personal location, wearable and wandering assistive technology business, announced today that it has partnered with ORBCOMM Inc. (Nasdaq: ORBC), a leading global provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and IoT solutions, to provide connectivity and distribution in the U.S. for  its new Verizon GPS SmartSole® product. SmartSole, which is launching this week ahead of schedule, will be available for order on the ORBCOMM web platform, which will enable connectivity on the Verizon nationwide network as well as provide monthly billing services.

GTX Corp’s patented GPS SmartSoles, the world’s first wearable yet invisible tracking technology, are placed in the wearer’s shoes and contain a GPS module connected through a cellular network that sends a GPS location to a central monitoring website or app. The product was initially created as a wander guard solution for those at risk due to Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism or traumatic brain injury and have a tendency to wander or become lost or disoriented. They can also be used by

people at risk of kidnapping, such as government employees, journalists and corporate executives.  SmartSoles come in several trim-to-fit sizes for both men and women, are water resistant, include an inductive charging pad, and are assembled in Rhode Island, U.S.A.

“ORBCOMM is pleased to partner with GTX to offer their new SmartSoles on the Verizon network. This innovative product is a great extension of ORBCOMM’s asset tracking and monitoring solutions into the wearables market and provides a unique, effective and potentially lifesaving solution to facilitate the care and safety of the millions of at-risk individuals who are affected by Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism and other cognitive disorders,” said Bill Molesworth, ORBCOMM’s VP of OEM & Network Channel Sales, North America.

Patrick Bertagna, GTX Corp CEO, commented, “This is a significant step forward for us, and working with the ORBCOMM team has been exceptional. This partnership provides us with Verizon nationwide connectivity, access to the ORBCOMM and Verizon sales channels and the ability to provide large-scale enterprise billing through the ORBCOMM platform. We are truly excited about this launch and partnership, and my sincere appreciation goes to the GTX engineers, along with the ORBCOMM and Verizon team that worked diligently to make this happen.”

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