An Interactive Visual Framework for History!

TimeMaps specialize in map-based history timelines. The “Time-Map” concept was originally conceived to offer a visual framework for history topics. A map combined with a timeline lets users see where an event is happening, both in time and space.

Easy to access, just point and click. It gives them a panoramic view of change over time, and so allows them to understand causes and effects of historical episodes much more easily. With this aim, the hugely ambitious TimeMap of World History was created which offers the full spectrum of human history, calling in at each civilization, nation and empire.

Through working closely with history teachers, the maps developed far beyond their original concepts and Topic TimeMaps branched off on their own. With the inclusion of layers of information, timelines, images, animations and worksheets, they moved beyond visual overviews into rich depth-study guides that easily show complex interactions and internal dynamics very effectively.

TimeMaps products include….

NEW: History Apps for iPad: TimeApps are our new product which bring the power of Topic TimeMaps to the iPad. They are interactive history maps filled with high quality hitorical narrative and beautiful images that together build the complex processes into an easy to understand, visual narrative. Perfect for anyone of any age and ideal for use in education.

The TimeMap of World History is a comprehensive look at world history. It contains over 650 maps and 1,000 pages of supporting text. It is designed to be easy to navigate, through both time and space.

The TimeMap pays attention to the byways as well as to the highways of history. It is structured around a template which makes the complex mesh of history accessible and comprehensible. It will continue to grow as we add more depth. Please sign up to our newsletter for news of our updates.

Topic TimeMaps take a deeper look at specific episodes in history, providing a visual overview, a chronological walk through, a big picture AND in-depth understanding. Teachers’ notes home in on such issues as cause and effect, change and continuity, interpretation and significance, so that students develop their critical thinking skills at the same time as their knowledge and understanding.

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