Dyslexia and Accommodations – New ADA Guidelines 2016 for School and Work

The US Department of Justice just released final regulations regarding the implementation of the American for Disabilities Act. “These rules clarify and refine issues that have arisen over the past 20 years and contain new and updated requirements.” 

The regulations should be shared with ALL schools and workplaces when requesting accommodations. 

  • These clarifications are much needed and address:
  • reduced requirement to re-test if previously qualified for accommodations (prior and outside testing should be generally accepted)
  • students do not need to fail to be provided with accommodations – testing should reflect aptitude
  • students previously qualifying for accommodations should be provided with accommodations for college, graduate school (MCAT, LSAT), licensing, and trade examinations
  • accommodations should be provided in a timely manner
  • individuals receiving accommodations should not be ‘flagged’

The new regulation guide and letter to school districts address problematic policies which have required students and their families to undergo repeated costly testing for documentation of dyslexia, dysgraphia,dyscalculia, and other LDs. The new regulations also address the issue of gifted LD or twice exceptional students; test accommodations should be provided so that tests accurately reflect aptitude or achievement levels.

Please read this full article and view the formal letter of guidance to all public schools that has been written by Department of Education Michael Yudin.


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