The National Cristina Foundation & Creating IT Futures Foundation Launch Online Computer Resource Guide

Supported by the Creating IT Futures Foundation, the National Cristina Foundation launched an online computer resource guide to make computers more accessible to military veterans. The guide is available as a content widget for potential partner websites as well.

“Nearly every job touches on some aspect of technology, and we want to make technology as accessible to as many people as possible, especially our military veterans,” said Dr. Yvette Marrin, president and co-founder, National Cristina Foundation. “This guide helps veterans who experience difficulty with the basic operations of a computer. Then, we’ve taken the guide a step farther by creating a widget so that potential partners can place the guide on their own websites and receive future content updates.”

The Veteran Computer Resource Guide addresses skills-based needs, such as basic computer operation or working with numbers. Other sections of the guide help veterans with executive functioning skills, such as organization.

For veterans who were wounded during their military service and now are living with challenges such as hearing, vision or limb impairment, the guide also provides information about how computers can be adapted and adjusted to accommodate a veteran’s individual needs. Any disabled person — veteran or civilian — can benefit from this computer knowledge and direction.  

“I commend the National Cristina Foundation for developing this valuable and much-needed resource to help all veterans master basic computer operations,” said Charles Eaton, CEO, Creating IT Futures. “Our foundation aims to remove the barriers that prohibit people from securing rewarding technology positions. IT is a great fit for former military personnel who possess skills our industry values and desires — such as teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving. This guide will help veterans, who may not know much about computers already, take a step toward a rewarding civilian career.” 

The guide can be accessed at Potential partners who would like to add the guide to their own websites should contact Dr. Bud Rizer, CEO, National Cristina Foundation, at


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