Closing The Gap – NEW for 2015

Administrators Participate FREE!

With assistive technology products, strategies and mandates ever-changing, it is a challenge (yet imperative) to stay current and to have everyone – staff, administration and parents – on board. Collaboration and collaborative decision-making in all phases of assistive technology service design and delivery become key.

In an effort to encourage collaboration, Closing The Gap is excited to announce an unprecedented participation opportunity for school district administrators: This year, administrators can participate in the conference for FREE!

When any school district staff member registers for a preconference workshop or the conference, one administrator (Special Education Director, Principal or Superintendent) from that school district can attend the conference, Wednesday through Friday, and the exhibition preview, Tuesday evening, for free! Limits apply.

It is hoped that this proposed opportunity to gain insight and knowledge, together, will have an immediate impact on the strength and direction of a district’s program and, in turn, produce successful and measurable outcomes.


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