Instructional Videos and Apps Lists

Bruce Alter, PT, PCS, AT Consultant, has put together a great resource to provide guidance for people who are using iPads with children in special education. Included are videos of Guided Access, speak selection, and how to download content with images into Read2go. Take a look!

Information on Proloqu2Go: Introduction to Proloquo2Go part 1:

Introduction to Proloqu2Go Part 2:

Bookshare and reading tools: Introduction to Bookshare;

Bookshare for parents:

Introduction to read2go:

Download content with images into Read2go:

ReadOutLoud Part I:

ReadOutLoud 2:

iPad operations (these were done with iOS 6, but are still usable, other than the method of force quit in the controls vid): How to use the controls on an iPad;

How to Organize your Apps – YouTube:

How to use Guided Access:

How to use speak selection:

Apps lists: Apps for cog impairment.1.14:

Apps for writing.12.13:

Apps for Reading12.13:

Apps for Math handout.v2: