ATIA Conference Recordings

ATIA Professional Development programs offer results-oriented training that make significant and positive difference in the quality of Assistive Technology education and service provision. With ATIA’s Conference Recordings you and your staff can:

  • Immerse yourself in knowledge from the world’s leading assistive technology experts at your own pace.
  • Study key sessions by printing session handouts and watching the recording multiple times if needed.
  • Access to 29 conference sessions that could transform your teaching, quality of service provision, business, and student achievement.

ATIA 2014 CONFERENCE ATTENDEES: You Qualify for 50% off! At ATIA 2014 we recorded 29 of the top-rated sessions. We’ve highlighted the breadth and depth of the educational content offered. Check out the List of Sessions Recorded for ones you may have missed.

 Registered conference attendees will be able to purchase conference recordings bundles for 50% off the regular price and earn additional CEUs. 

WERE YOU OR YOUR TEAM NOT ABLE TO ATTEND? Multiply the Power of your Professional Development. ATIA 2014 conference sessions provide educators, AT professionals, and service providers with the most up-to-date research, methods of effectively integrating AT technology, and techniques for assessing the effectiveness of AT implementation.

Purchasing Conference Recordings provide you and your staff a way to stay current on advancements in AT, keep your skills up to date, and earn CEUs.

Take Advantage of Flexible Pricing and Volume Discounts!

ATIA offers flexible pricing providing you full access to up to 29 of the top-rated sessions. With a variety of purchasing options and significant discounts for large purchases, it’s a very affordable way to train all the members on your team!

Group Discounts – Add Additional Users at 50% off!

Purchase a Bundle of 10 or the Complete Set of Recordings and add additional users at a 50% discount. Please note, there are no Group Discounts for Orlando Attendees.

How does it work?

ATIA recorded selected ATIA 2014 Orlando sessions and is making them available for online viewing. When you register for conference recordings you’ll receive a link to sessions purchased. You’ll have on-demand access from your computer, tablet, or mobile device at your convenience.

All Conference Recordings purchases include CEUs. Read more about our Earn CEUs Program

 View Recordings by Educational Strand

To help you make the most of the professional development opportunities available through ATIA Orlando Conference Recordings, we have organized recordings around 10 strands that take a balanced approach to exploring the most important questions and issues that face educators in the field today. This organization into strands enables you to easily focus on a specific area of interest or need.

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