100+ Teaching With the iPad Hacks: A Curated Playlist of Quick Start Resources

 by K. Walsh on February 9, 2014

The Resources in This Playlist Contain Hundreds of Tips, Insights, and Suggestions for Getting up to Speed and off to a Good Start Teaching With the iPad.

A publisher recently asked me if I knew of a good iPad “Quick Start” Guide for teachers just getting started with using the iPad in the classroom. I didn’t, but had to imagine that I could find resources along these lines on the Web. As I searched, I found many good web pages, and knew right away that this was a great topic for creating a LessonPaths curated Playlist to share them.

LessonPaths (formerly known as MentorMob) is an awesome free web tool for easily assembling digital content into an elegantly simple information resource. Just click through the Playlist, stop and further explore resources that interest you (clicking on one will open up the Playlist in full screen mode) then click through to the next one when you’re ready.

This hand selected set of sources will provide teachers who are new to the iPad with the information they need to get started, and offer both new and current users information they need to successfully integrate the iPad into their teaching practices. I purposely limited the list to a few resources that were the richest in content, covering a breadth of important concerns and considerations for new iPad users and teachers who want to get off to a good start with the iPad in their classroom

This LessonPaths Playlist contains the following content (it starts off with a few general iPad Quick Start references, then moves on to a set of education-specific resources):

iPad Training 101: A New User’s Guide to the iPad:
Great tips for getting started with the iPad here (I just wish the about.com site wasn’t so crowded with ads).

iPhone and iPad new user guide:
This is an excellent reference to come back to for a long time, even if you are an experienced iPad (or iPhone) user, as the set of “Ultimate Guides” within the page have so much to offer, and they’ve been adding more over time!

A Great iPad ‘Manual’ for Every Teacher:
While this isn’t really a manual, and it isn’t just for teachers, it is a great set of information about what’s what with the iPad, in a brief format. I just wish it was easier to make the two images a lot bigger!

A Practical Guide For Teachers Who Just Got iPads:
Great stuff here to get you started down the right path, and avoid getting lost in a ‘new tool tech haze’.

Kathy Schrock’s “Guide to Everything” – iPads in the Classroom Page: http://www.schrockguide.net/ipads-in-the-classroom.html
Kathy Schrock’s rubrics, tutorials, and many resource links are an excellent place for getting off to a good start in your teaching with the iPad journey!

David Mahaley’s “3 Year Review” Article Series:
This is more along the lines of a quick start guide for succeeding with iPad Programs in schools, and there are great nuggets of wisdom in here for teachers and administrators alike.

Teaching & Learning with the iPad: Instructor Quick Guide ($4.99 eBook):
The rest of the resources in this Playlist are all free, but this one is a paid eBook that comes at a small price, but it is very much worth it. If you want to continue learning about getting up to speed with the iPad in your classroom, you can hardly do better than David Mahaley’s excellent eBook (remember, there is a free Kindle reader available for the iPad, so this eBook can easily be read on the iPad).